One Step Beyond

You know your job, your routine, how you like your coffee and your favourite dinner. Admittedly life isn’t always calm, but on the whole life is predictable and manageable.
And then you are challenged.

Someone asks you to do something new.

Not new in the sense of something you haven’t done in a while or something slightly out of kilter to your normal routine. New in the sense of something you’ve never tried before, perhaps never even considered before.

When this happens what do you do? Panic and feel sick or bury yourself away and ignore it, hoping you won’t be noticed?

Be true to your initial reaction but don’t let it run away with you. Take a deep breath and realistically evaluate the situation. Talking it through with a trusted friend or mentor may help. Work out your thoughts and create a plan. It might not be perfect but breaking a seemingly overwhelming task into bite sized pieces makes a big difference. Be authentic in your response – explain your capabilities and offer an alternative to show you care about the outcome.

Often you’ll be surprised with the results. You were asked for a reason and whether you do the task or not there is genuine respect for your ability, your honesty and your feedback. And if you do manage the task the sense of achievement and pride in overcoming the seemingly impossible is valuable experience.

Make sure your one step beyond, in any direction, is a valuable contribution today.