Karen has ably supported my business with her virtual-assistant services over the last 3 years. She came on board at a time when I was drowning in a sea of admin and project-related paperwork, and created systems, processes and an infrastructure to guide the way that the business is run on a day to day basis. She is flexible, hard-working, and versatile across many areas of office administration, and I can highly recommend her to anybody looking for clarity in how to run the affairs of a small, limited company.

Andy White – Andy White Creative Limited

Karen has been providing admin support to my business for the past couple of years, initially helping me to improve workflows that were causing me stress and overwhelm, and since then providing invoicing, aged debt follow up, newsletters, ad hoc admin, and more. But the one bonus that isn’t advertised and is indescribably valuable to a business owner, is having someone to talk to who already knows your business model and your goals, for those days when being a One Man Band can leave you doubting your direction and feeling life is too busy and not enough business. Karen has kept me sane through the growth of my business and allowed me to focus on the areas of my business that bring me joy.

Georgina Green – Green Tutors

You’ve been such a wonderful, patient, caring support dear Karen. I’m truly grateful, Couldn’t have managed without you. Thank you again.

Linda Bretton – Elegant Ease

It’s great that you are here – it’s running like silk as far as I am concerned.

Robert Rasmussen – Director, Rasmussen Consulting

I wanted to take the opportunity to extend my thanks for all your hard work and efforts in supporting us – it has been invaluable! Huge thanks for everything you’ve done – the organisation and delivery to our clients would not have been as slick or professional without you!

Nancy Foster – Director, Social Dynamos   

As a relatively new business and a one man band with a limited budget, I’d fallen into the trap where I felt I had to do everything myself. I’d been nervous about outsourcing anything as I didn’t want to waste any money and thought that it would be most cost effective to try to turn my hand at running an end to end business. In reality this just led to me being incredibly busy, not very productive, and not focussing on the things that I’m good at or generate revenue! As the adage goes, I was so busy working in my business I wasn’t working on my business! So a few months ago I decided to start getting some support from Karen and I’m so pleased I did! Not only has Karen been very professional and efficient in completing all the tasks I’ve asked for her help with, she has consistently gone the extra mile. From offering advice and support around a separate project I was working on, that I only mentioned to her in passing, and even emailing me an article she’d read that she thought I may find useful. I’ve already recommended Karen to a number of people, all of which have given similar positive feedback. So it you are thinking you could do with an extra pair of hands, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest contacting Karen!

Mary Muirhead – Consultant, Thrive Your Life   

Karen is always very responsive, efficient and is a vital part of my business. Once I became busy myself, it was important to outsource all admin, document creation etc to Karen. This freed me up to do more of what I love – coaching clients to build their businesses.

Gilly Woodhouse – Business Coach for Osteopaths, Osteobiz   

Karen is a life saver! I was drowning in admin and got to the point where I could not make head way. No matter how much time I set aside, I seemed to make no progress. I called Karen in a state of panic and within 24 hours, we met, I explained and she was able to help me in ways that goes way beyond traditional admin support.  She incredibly efficient and knows exactly what she is doing.

Keeley Taverner – Psychotherapist, Key 4 Change  

I asked Karen to provide Sales support for my growing business and she has been amazing! She quickly established a process with me, listening to what I wanted and suggested ways we could work together. With an agreed process in place I felt as though a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. She took time to understand my business style and I know that prospective clients are being contacted in a professional and timely manner. This support has given me the opportunity to meet new clients and the space to better serve my existing clients. Her organisational skills and calm approach is exactly what I need – I thoroughly recommend her services!

Samantha Pilling –Social Media Marketer, Bite Me Marketing   

Consistently efficient, bright, organised, energetic and enthusiastic, Karen’s intelligent approach, initiative and support has really freed my time up to focus on activities that really add value to my business and for my clients. From the outset, she established exactly what was required and continues to ably and reliably deliver it. There is so much that I used to do myself, that I just don’t even think about any more. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!

Gayl Long – Executive Coach and Facilitator, In8Resources Limited    

I engaged Karen for 3 years beginning in 2012, and her impact on Brightlife has been significant. Initially I was looking for PA and admin support during a chaotic time as the business grew rapidly. Karen added value from day one, shouldering tasks that were not a good use of my time and bringing order and structure to every aspect of Brightlife.

As a direct result of my confidence in her, during 2013-2014 she created and implemented systems and processes to better manage our sales process, customer service, relationships with our associates, risk and compliance, and all our internal administration. She is a dedicated and tenacious administrator with a strong eye for detail and excellent follow through.

In 2015, Karen’s engagement with Brightlife evolved to support the business functioning independently of me – again, she created and implemented systems and processes to support Brightlife giving our clients consistent excellent service. In addition to all her hard work and dedication, Karen has been immensely personally supportive of me and my vision for Brightlife and this has enabled me to scale the business with confidence. She will be an asset to anyone who is struggling to realise their business vision because administration/systems and processes are bogging them down.

Karen brings commitment, loyalty, a willingness to shoulder responsibility, and elbow grease to everything she does and I am delighted to recommend her.

Kate Warren – Executive and Team Coach, Brightlife