Genius – not a word I would usually use to describe myself. To me it implies expert knowledge with an element of something that hasn’t been thought, said or done before.  A light bulb moment.

Imagine my surprise when somebody recently introduced me to a colleague as ‘an utter genius’! Despite my protestations the conversation continued, and I heard what made me a genius. By the end of the conversation I felt very flattered and proud. And obviously 6 foot taller than when I had originally arrived in the room!

The conversation reminded me of three key points:

Why do you do what you do? Hearing why I am a genius reinforced the reason why I do what I do. I love to see people to succeed and by providing the services that I do space is created for my clients to pursue their business goals.

What do you want from your business? I was reminded of what I had created in order to achieve my goals. I wanted a business to fit around my family that also satisfied my need to be independent and allow me to flex my strengths.

What skills do you have that others need?  Skills make your business valuable. My client enthusiastically told our colleague how I’d supported them with particular situations. Something that I saw as a standard service had really benefitted my client.

As people you are unique – no one else has experienced life the way that we have and used that experience to become the people we are.

As business owners you are unique – no one else has a business that does the same, in the same way that you do.

There may be similarities and reasonable comparisons but ultimately you and your business have been created by you – and that’s genius.

Celebrate your genius self today!