Change Happens

Have you noticed that a lot is changing? Autumn has arrived, the children are a year older, you don’t like the outfit you loved last season and there’s even a female Dr Who!  Looking around it’s easy to see that ‘change happens’.

How do you feel about change? I have a client who has an instant fear of change. Their immediate response is ‘It’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixing, why do you need to know?’ All defensive reactions. I appreciate that’s human nature for some of us to be resistant to change but think about it, we have a choice and that choice often brings with it the need to change.

From a business perspective change can happen for many reasons – to create efficiencies, to make room for new products or service, to refresh existing operations or to facilitate growth. On paper each of these reasons are simple, straightforward and sensible. Change is a positive, interactive experience. However, sometimes the reality can be unsettling, disruptive and, at its worst, a complete headache!

There are lots of great resources to help us facilitate change and the following questions can really help focus attention on the situation:

Why: What specifically is making you uncomfortable about the situation, to the extent that you need it to change?

Aim: If you had unlimited resources to change the situation, what is the ultimate, ideal outcome?

Impact: Think about the bigger impact on your business – who and what else would this change affect?

Process: What needs to be done to effectively facilitate the change?

It’s rare that change happens in isolation and often, as with my client, it’s fear that makes change uncomfortable. By taking time to consider the above, communicating effectively and creating the right support network change can happen. It may not be the ultimate outcome you first dreamed of, but it can bring you a step closer that the current ideal that you strive for.

As business owners embracing change is a constant state of being. It’s up to us to make it a positive, productive experience. What change(s) do you need to embrace?