Me, Myself and I

It’s all about me.

Recently I attended a presentation supported by my daughter’s primary school about The Mindset Theory.

The speaker gave a clear and entertaining explanation of fixed versus growth mindset, constant practice leading to effortless action and using the correct encouraging language. He emphasized the need for constant practice and gave particular examples of success. He also touched upon the need for the right circumstance.

During the presentation I sat comfortably looking around me, thinking yes, there’s a lot that parents and teachers can do to encourage children in this way. It was only after when I reflected on the evening that I had the classic dawning realization – it wasn’t about looking out to others. For all the resources, training, and support there is, if you don’t change yourself nothing else will change either.

I see myself as a growth mindset person – I’m positive, I always look for a way forward and I’m prepared to give almost anything a go. Conversely I’m also aware of my limitations. It’s that converse statement that I need to be aware of – being aware of my limitations is a good way of feeling safe, however, it’s also restrictive. I need to make sure that my thinking looks at the effort I make, not just the outcome in order to keep stretching myself.

The school speaker explained that fortunate circumstances, perseverance and the right support all lend themselves to growth. As children we need these circumstances presented to us in order for us to flourish. As an adult I have the choice to find these things – to engage with those who will encourage me, to keep trying and persevere. Most importantly I have the choice to tell myself the positive story of my success. Success comes in all shapes and sizes and is incomparable with others. What’s important to remember is that it’s your story and consequently it’s your responsibility to nurture it. Surround yourself with the people and resources that will help make your story your success and keep going.