Whose business is it?

We’ve all seen the slogans, the adverts, the media hype – the New Year means a new start, time to clear out the old and look forward to a new you! If only it was that easy. It’s now the middle of January and how many of us have already lost the enthusiasm of the new year? We know what we should and could do but all too often we don’t.
Being self-employed means I’ve had to change my outlook. I started out really trying to please others, listening hard to what they wanted and trying my best to make their wishes come true. This is great for a while and won me business but it wasn’t where I wanted to be.
I knew what I should and could do to be happier but for a while I was concerned that I would offend or upset people. Over the past few years I’ve learnt that whilst should and could do have their place, can and will are much more empowering.  Should and could kept me trapped doing the “right” thing.  Can and will freed me to take action.
Can and will are words that you can apply to yourself without causing offense or upsetting others.  If there’s something you want to do and you decide to do it, do it!  You’ll soon find the resources and people to support you.  You may even be surprised at the response you get from others. They won’t be upset or offended. Instead they’ll show genuine support and happiness that you’ve made a stand and grown. And it won’t be long before you own your business again.
Make a belated start to the New Year by making a ‘can and will’ list today!