Too Old for School

For a while now I’ve been considering going back to school. Not in a formal full-time sense but in a way that suits my time and availability. I was undecided on whether to pursue an interest (I love history) or extend my business knowledge. And then the ideal opportunity came along. 

An online bootcamp – One week of intensive virtual learning and to seal the deal it was free as long as I took the tutorials within 24 hours of their initial release. What could be better!

I cleared my diary as much as I could and looked forward to a week of learning and revelation. It didn’t disappoint. Yes it was an intense week – especially when 3 clients suddenly sprung time sensitive deadlines on me, yes I did have to juggle family life and yes some days I did feel all learned out. However, I learnt far more than the theory explained during the tutorials.

The week increased my enthusiasm for what I do. I hadn’t realised just how complacent I’d become with the day to day. The course has sparked thoughts and ideas of other opportunities and areas of work.

I learnt something new. We all have our preferred methods and ways of doing things especially if they work but it doesn’t hurt to take another look. A valuable opportunity could be missed by not trying something different.

My new skills and tools have already been put to good use. Shortly after the course I was able to help a client focus and create a 2017 business plan that she is proud of.

On a personal level the sense of achievement and the knowledge that I’m capable of more is great. I have a renewed enthusiasm for increasing my network and getting out there to share more.

What about you? With today’s technology and available resources learning doesn’t have to be a formal course. Try making a commitment to watch a talk, listen to a podcast, read an article or joining a group. The timing and duration is up to you. There’s no excuse – learning is a lifelong experience and it’s up to you to make it happen.