Christmas is coming

As the saying goes “Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat”. And it’s at this time of year that our “to-do” lists can easily spiral out of control. Far from encouraging a festive, happy spirit the dreaded “list” can put us into a spiral of panic, stress and dismay. Don’t let it happen to you! 

There are lots of coping mechanisims and strategies out there to help you on your way and I’d like to share two words that have made a difference to me:

Delegate – It’s a commonly heard word these days. Often when we see work colleagues and friends under pressure it’s the first piece of advice we give. However, it’s not often a piece of advice that we apply to ourselves. Christmas is a sociable time and there’s nothing wrong with asking everyone to contribute. It may not be done to your precise specifications but that’s the joy of people. Everyone is different and I’m sure Auntie Mabel won’t mind if her present isn’t wrapped in paper you would choose!

Diairise – You can guarantee that somewhere on the list is a mundane, energy sapping task that’s been there for a while. It’s something you know should be done and it’s not a necessity. What it’s actually doing is holding you back and maybe you regret having thought of it in the first place. If the task can’t be delegated, diarise it. By booking a task appointment you can forget about it until the appropriate time and then properly focus to get the job done. It’s no longer the elephant in the room but a lovely Christmas gift – obviously you should reward yourself for a job well done!

I hope these two quick tips help to make your holiday season a relaxed and happy occasion. (And they work throughout the year too!)