The Pace of Summer

Work pace often changes over the summer. Some continue to work ‘on’ the business rather than directly with clients, some keep things ‘ticking over’ and some like to switch off all together with the minimal input to work.

So far the weather has been amazing and I’m sure our energy levels have dropped as the heat takes effect. Personally, I enjoy this type of weather and am lucky that my office is open and airy so I can continue to work in relative comfort.

And on the days when I don’t feel like it? Well, I remind myself that the (business) world kept turning long before the advent of today’s technology and the need for instant responses.

As business owners we all want to create sustainable businesses. However, I also want to encourage us to create sustainable lifestyles. We all deserve time out. You have the choice of how you spend your days and with this good weather you may feel encouraged to move away from the desk or the normal habits of working. It doesn’t mean you love our businesses any less, it just means you are looking after yourself as a whole.

It may be good to reflect that your clients are in the same position – they work hard too. They want to be attentive to their clients and for their businesses to succeed. They may also want a little slack time and a more relaxed approach.

Traditionally summers have been a time for businesses to slow down or even close for a few weeks. Whilst we may not feel able to ‘stop’ completely we can put plans in place to adjust the working pace. I’ve chosen to work reduced hours earlier in the day so I can manage my clients requirements and enjoy time with my family. I’ve also told my clients when I will be truly on holiday and not answering any work queries.

What are you doing to make the most of the summer?